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The Best Gifts that Cost Nothing at All

While the list-making and gift-buying process can be a lot of fun, we think it’s important to remember that often the most meaningful gifts don’t have a price tag. In no particular order, here are our favourite cost-free gifts: 1. Acknowledgemen...

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How To Safely Do Arm Balancing Poses

Arm balances have great allure and many benefits and need to be done safely. To find our balancing sweet spot we need face our fears head on and learn to fall so we can fly. Donna and Serah from The Seduction of Yoga teach us how to fall with the h...

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The Secret To Loving your Body At Any Age

The true beauty of Yoga is that it can benefit anyone at any age. The practice of yoga can help us to tap into the wisdom of our bodies and learn to be our best selves. This week’s guest blogger Paula Tursi, the founder of Reflections Yoga, sheds l...

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Receiving Feedback As A Gift

Many of you have honoured us with amazing feedback on our products. We are learning what you love, where we’re succeeding at our goals and where we can grow. This outpouring of input has led us to reflect on feedback and the incredible difficulty...

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Heart Felt: Your Heart Speaks in the Language of Emotions

Your heart is magical. Absolutely magical. Not just the part about it keeping you alive, although that is pretty amazing. This new information about the heart is mind blowing. When I heard that the human heart can express emotion without language I w...

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Face Your Fears With Pranayama Breath

Embracing Pranayama can enable you to overcome your fears and take you to new heights. Literally. Aerial Dance has provided me with an exhilarating creative outlet to transcend my yoga practice into dancing 300 feet in the air. I never expected to...

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The Beginning

In Varanasi, India 1983, Halfmoon founder Beth McTavish was captivated by yogis practicing at the edge of the Ganges River. Mesmerized by their intent, their focus, and the stillness of yoga in the midst of noise, chaos, and colour, soon her own Iy...

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