Half Prana Bolster - Charcoal

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The Half Prana Bolster is a handy little bolster that promotes a gentle chest opening, subtly elevates your Pigeon pose, and provides a boost in “legs up the wall.” It offers a firm support that can make all the difference in your practice. Great for kids' yoga too!

Hand stuffed at Halfmoon.

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Features +

  • Handcrafted at Halfmoon in Vancouver
  • Perfect weight & density
  • Removable cover
  • Exceptional quality & durability

Specs +

  • 6" x 3" x 15" (15 cm x 8 cm x 38 cm)
  • 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg)
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Made with natural cotton batting fill

Product Care +

  • Machine wash cover in cool water on the delicate cycle. Hang to dry
  • Lint Removal Tip: wipe bolster with a latex gloved hand
  • Initially a mistake on my part when ordered; I was going to send back but gave them a try. In the end, I quite like them - they make great seated support, they transport very easily, and they also work great for short torsos in supported chest openers like supported fish.

    - Crystal V.
  • This mini bolster is a great addition to your practice

    - Jenny N.
  • This is a great size for me - not too bulky to bring with me when I teach, but still large enough to offer more versatility than a set of blocks. It's great to sit, kneel, and rest on no matter what I use it for. Love it!

    - Elaine S.
  • Super useful, great quality. Stoked.

    - Karlene H.
  • I bought this for myself and a few months ago and decided to get it as a gift for one of my yoga teachers. He absolutely loved it! Right out of the box, you can tell how well made this bolster is. It has a wonderful weight to it! This size in particular is fantastic. As a more petite yogi, I love using this as a gentle lift in my practice, in addition to supporting my joints in seated postures. I think what I love the most though is the portability. You can easily bring this bolster to the studio without feeling as though your lugging something around. I still have a lot more experimentation to find how I can use this product to its fullest potential, but so far, I’m in love!

    - Samantha G.
  • I've been teaching yoga abroad and always carrying my travel yoga mat and now my little bolster, it is the perfect size and lightweight to carry on my yoga backpack.

    - Susana N.
  • The yoga studio I go to uses the Prana half bolster, and I love it so much that I bought one for my own home use. I have a lot of upper back pain, and lying on this bolster (lengthwise or width-wise) helps to gently open my chest and align my mid and upper back to reduce my pain. It's well-made and sturdy, and the ones at my yoga studio have held up well under years of frequent use so I know this will last a long time. Plus this size is perfect for carrying around and doesn't take up much room to store on a shelf. In fact, I'd also purchased the full-length Prana bolster to try it out but now wish I'd just gotten 2 of these half-bolsters for ease of storage. I love this half-bolster!

    - Daisy T.
  • I LOVE the half moon bolsters, I own five of them! I using them for myself as well as in my chiropractic office for the last 5 years. Quality materials and lovely colour/pattern choices, I can't recommend these highly enough

    - Kristen C.
  • Love the prana half bolster, the glacier colour is beautiful - thank you!

    - Cathy C.
  • Just the ticket for the exercises my Mom has to do for her hip replacement!

    - Robin C.
  • I love the half bolster .. under the neck , head. sarcum, under the knees .. easy to travel with and less space in the studio .. also a prone position under the pelvic bones is a nice relief for the lumbar counter pose .. the colors are beautiful ..

    - Paula Schooler
  • Prana Half Bolster is amazing. I love it’s versatility. It’s small enough to fit in a yoga bag.

    - Aida N.
  • Halfmoon is my first choice while ordering on line for many of my yoga props! The prana half bolsters are amazing! Very versatile for providing additional support to the arms, head, lower back and knees.While elevating the legs, the prana bolster is a nice alternative to give, replacing the block.

    - Margaret M.
  • I didn't want a full length bolster, the prana half bolster is the perfect size for me!

    - josh m.
  • These are the perfect size bolsters for my yin yoga classes. Love the quality and colour selections.

    - Susan H.
  • I am really pleased with the quality of this product. It is well made and durable. It has many uses and fits the bill. I just wish I had purchased the full bolster....because I find the half size too small for some poses. Next purchase? Full Bolster.

    - Beth L.
  • Love the mini bolsters! Easy to carry and very useful!

    - Ashley Chant
  • I just received the Mini Prana Yoga Bolster not too long ago, and it is awesome! It's exactly as shown on the website, the colour is spot on, and it is nice and firm. I carry it back and forth to work with me to use against my chair as back support. It fits nicely in a large purse. I'm so glad I bought this! I would definitely recommend it.

    - Nicole B.
  • The perfect little bolster. It's exactly as shown on the website. The colour is lovely, and the bolster is firm and the size is convenient.

    - Karen
  • Love this little bolster!
    The workmanship is very, very good and I love the colour.
    I have found many ways to use this. I have many trigger points and cannot use the blocks in the "tender" areas. I substituted this bolster and now I can hold the poses along with the rest of the class.
    I guess I will need another one as soon. :)

    - Karen Angle

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